Moving to Riyadh

Hello, everyone, I am moving to Riyadh next month and hope to get to know you when I get there.

Btw, I've heard that the saudi customs will check your laptop at the airport on arrival. Is it true? :unsure  How's the current situation now especially at the Riyadh airport?

Looking forward to your answers and advice. Thanks!

@ Yoshitoki it depends, its not in Saudi everywhere you travel if customs officer have doubt they will check for sure. Better portable hard disk, laptops always carry in hand instead placing in luggage bag.

Yes they can scrutinize your laptop and as well as external hard disk, But I believe this is done randomly. Mine was never checkd, but some of my friends laptop's have been checked. Even he was asked to remove the pirated softwares. Somehow he convinced the guys over the desk.

BTW why are you bothered to get your laptop/HD scrutinized ??? :)

Rarely do they check but as I said on another thread I would probabluy limit the over 18 stuff

Blaitenly the only files people worry about ... I mean why else would it concern you if they check :D

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