Looking for friends in Bratislava

Hello, I'm a student who will be doing an internship in Bratislava from September on. This is why I'm looking for young people living in the city and eager to show me some parts of Slovakia's capital. In exchange I could help you developing your English or German skills. I'm also fluent in Greek (2nd mother tongue) as well as French and Italian. So if any of those languages are of interest to you and you'd like to share some of your knowledge about Bratislava with me, then please contact me.

Hi MelinaB!

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I hope you will meet new contacts from the forum soon.


Hi MelinaB!

Hope you will make many friends in Bratislava:)

Hi MelinaB , don't worry you'll find many friends to enjoy time with.

Hello Nia2 and rody86, welcome to the forum to you too!


Francesca , I 've sent you an email.

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