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How to find work in the Bahamas from abroad

I am currently living in Nigeria but looking very seriously at the possibility of going to live in the Bahamas. I have checked out various job sites but can't seem to find many available positions.
Is it realistic for me to believe I can find work or I need to move over and then look?
odunyemi([email protected])

Hi odunben

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I would suggest you to post an advert in the Jobs in Bahamas section as well. It might help you.

I wish you all the best,

Im a zimbabwean in south africa who wants and is very willing to stay in the bahamas.Is it possiabble for me to come over and scout for a job and what should i know before hand.any job sights you might recomend.

Hi ndebelethulani, do not hesitate to post an advert in the section Jobs in Bahamas, it may help.;)


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