Learning Mandarin in Mauritius

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@ Mollyhanna, you may contact the member through the private messaging system. Click on the member's profile > send a message.

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My sister is looking to practice her mandarin speaking skills urgently. Can you please get in touch if you are free? We are happy to pay a fee if required.


Hello Riazan,

Can you please send me the contact number of the person that teaches Mandarin in China Town please?

Hi Mrs Sharon. I'm looking for a chineese teacher for my 10 yrs son. He is already learning at school.  He needs some tuition.  Are you still in?

Can you please send us his contact number please?


My name is Lisa Finette-Dawotal, I am 19 years old and I live in Mauritius.  I passed my French Baccalaureate exam in June 2018. I speak and write English, French and I have studied Mandarin as a foreign language for 3 years. I want to be a mandarin teacher.

I know that I have to pass the HSK test.
I am interested by the HSK level 5.
Actually my HSK level is between level 3 and 4.

Are you in Mauritius at present ?
If not will you be so kind to recommend me a teacher in Mauritius who could prepare me to the HSK test level 5 ?

Thank you.
Lisa Finette-Dawotal😊.

Hi All,

Currently, there is a Confucius Institute at the University of Mauritius, Reduit. You can contact them to provide you details on mandarin Studies.

I am actually registered for the Mandarin Course for beginners as a staff of the University.  I have just been to my first class, and it was really interesting.

So anyone interested with Mandarin language, it would be highly beneficial to contact the Confucius Institute at the university of Mauritius, which is equivalent to the British Council for English language and Alliance Francaise for French.

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Hello Sharon,

I am very interested in Improving and correcting my  Mandarin Language .

I am personally looking for a 1 to 1  course  to adjust my language  or in other words a  Chinese Tutor .

My email is :***
In waiting to hear you back,

Thanks in advance,


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