Overeaters Anonymous Meetings


I am looking for any Overeaters in Kuala Lumpur that would like to come to a new OA meeting I am starting here in the city.

Is Overeaters Anonymous the place for you?

As yet I don't have a permanent venue , but two of more people constitute a meeting! So, initially we could meet in cafes etc until I have secured a venue.

Please PM me if you would like help.


i am not overweight neither do i fall in any of the above category, can i help?

Hi Caesar1956

Thank you for your supportive reply.

Did you have any ideas of a small very cheap room we could use on a regular basis (once a week). I have looked at one church room for example, but unfortunately they didn't want us :( Something accessible by public transport as well as car would be great too.

If yu can help in anyway it would be really appreciated.

Many thanks

hi amy... cant think of anything offhand,,
but which area you looking at?
i live in bangsar

anywhere by an LRT not too far from the centre I guess, Brickfields etc somewhere well known, thanks for the reply :)

Hi there...is there still an interest in OA meetings?  Is there a venue established?  Id like to join please.

I would like to be a member. am I welcome

isnt this meeting for overweight people? why would someone who is not overweight want to attend this meeting? what are your reasons okwudili?

Over-EATERS!!! I eat a lot but i am not yet fat. perhaps by being a member, I may get to know to know why.

i once had a meeting for fishing enthusiastics but when one of the attendees was a person who had no passion for the sport attended got me cautious, i later came to know, he had other intentions, to attend the meet, he collected data from other people who attended and later approached them to sell insurance,,,
there are many who attend just to get contacts for various reasons, from selling insurance to marketing to identity theft.. just have to be cautious

I am a member of overeaters anonymous and have loss 50 pounds in two years. Contact me if anyone is interested, and most interest to fellowship with other fellow msian. Program is FREE, simple but NOT EASY.

Wow sound great please let me know when and where if still happening. I am new here in this forum:)

Hi, I'm an overeater myself, been having this problem ever since I was in primary school...trying to look for groups who suffer the same thing and maybe overcome this together, although I'm not an expat, pretty much born n raised here all my life, I came across this and I hope it could help me n the others..

are you still around/.? wish i had came across this earlier :(

Hello sorry I am never on this site. Actually I tried OA and EDA but what really worked for me was a non religious, science based group called SMART REcovery. Google them and check it out. My user ID is PaperChain in the chat forum.. see you there xx

Hi, I was thinking rather than to find a room to rent for the sessions, why not use a space under a tree in a park.
There is shade, more calming. Nobody can really hear you bcz the park is huge, Free parking, free space.
it would be a more relaxing environment to hold a gathering such as that.

Anyway, Im not an overeater. Just hoping to help out.

I believe that's a good idea. Does not necessary have to be indoor. Park [at] Desa Park City can be enjoyable too.

Is this group stil in KL? I am interested please


We are creating a new group in Penang, if you are interested please send us an email at:


Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Are you an established meeting group now?

I really would like to join.

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