Looking for WALNUT furniture... WHERE should I find?

I have just moved to a new apartment in An Phú dist. My husband and I intend to buy some furniture; such as bed, cabinet, table...

We are only interested in Wood furniture, especially Walnut. It is really hard to find a good brand for this kind of wood in HCM city.

Is there any suggestion for us to find a reliable brand???

Please show me if you know


I'm interested in wood furniture, too. My house is using furniture by wood as: oak wood.. It's also really nice. So, i've never heard Walnut wood, is this real wood? You can introduce some information about Walnut wood to me ?

Might try these guys in Long An.


http://noithattananh.com/ap395/San-pham … alnut.html

Thanks "daikinsaigon".

We love the modern style. Among your suggestion, we are confused to choose between SB furniture and The Wood Factory furniture.

SB furniture is very good. However, I couldn't find any Walnut furniture there? Do they make Walnut?

Also, I look through The Wood Factory's website. It is wonderful. But I am concerned about its quality. Is there anyone using this brand???

Please let me know.

Thanks a lot

Have you looked in the 'classified' under 'furniture'  and particularly the 'BESPOKE FURNITURE' advertisement.  I am sure you can be helped by this small firm.

I'm not sure Walnut is available here in VN. I guess it might grow in the cooler climates up north. If imported I'm afraid it would be very expensive. We used to collect walnuts when I was a child back in Michigan (North East USA).

China produces 48% of the world crop for nuts so I expect their wood yield would be considerable.  Despite low level hostilities, China is still Vietnam's largest trading partner.

Assuming THIGV is correct (and I have no reason to think he is wrong), it should be quite easy to find Walnut at a reasonable price here in Vietnam... I have never bothered to look for any but China is basically our next-door neighbor here in VN.

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