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ok, assalam alikoum, I'm French, am married, and 4 childrens.we lived 3 years in Arabia, I' like to much this country machaAllah, and I' would like to pass 3month this summer in your country, to give a little my children in dines because here in France it' is very difficult to put l' to them; love d' Allah in their heart, we strike with all the doors to be able to have a visa visits, we will grow dark dohas day and inshaallah to you, and you will be the welcomes on our premises I hope that God will exaucera our dohas. Allah rewards you! to jazakAllahoukheir

Hi @lyna59,
Your spirit & feelings : highly appreciated & JazakumAllah khair.

The best bet for you is to buy Umrah visa in your home town. You can consult the saudi embassy or consultate as well.

H lyna59 and welcome to! :)

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Welcome to Expat-blog lyna59..

Just buy Umrah visa from your home country and visit saudi arabia.. :)

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