Help Required dealing with the stupid Kafeel..!!

Would really appreciate if someone can guide me of what to do. I came here on Azaad visa (that's what normally people do if you are hired directly by the company),started hunting the job and landed up with HR in one of the cosmetic company CASTALIA. its been an year now and i would like to get rid of the kafeel thing as i want to transfer my sponsorship to my company. The kafeel aint helpful at all and i've heard that before 2 years,you cannot transfer your sponsorship. But i have plans to get married by the end of this year and i dont want any probs to occur for getting up visa for my wife..any good suggestions??

You've 2 options:

1- Wait for one more year and ask for the sponsorship change to your company.

2- Check with your company the possibility to have a visa. Go back on final exit (kharooj nihai) and get back on the company visa.

Dear..Wait for 1 year and change your Iqama from kafeel to company.

Good news for you @Adnan!
The rule of 2 years constraint has been changed. Now it's ONE YEAR.
Time to plan things further. All the Best! :)

try to make visit visa to your wife, then next year you can change your sponser.

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