why hello there!

hello lovelies :)
I just realised that it's been quite sometime since i've posted on here and been active on the site, so I thought i'd pop on by and bug you guys ;)
welcome to all the Saudi newcomers and hello again to the oldies... what have you guys been preoccupying yourselves with?!
Just as i'm writing this, this massive wind started to pick up outside :S crazy weather lately!... i heard that the so called gifts that 'mother nature' has bestowed on Riyadh with all the rain is due to some new technology the Saudis invested in to bring rain clouds inland...?
Anyway, spill any beans in here.. i'd love to hear from you guys.
Simona x

Welcome back @Simona_L,

I miss 5/6 yrs back sandstorm free Riyadh :( I strongly believe that some creepy technology might definitely have been planted! It can't be solely coz of the global warming, ozone layer damage etc etc.

the day when I see Riyadh sandstorm free is going to be the happiest day of my life lol... soooo over dusting the whole house everyday! haha

Its cool,this the first time I see sand storm,I seen many snow storm!!!!!!!

Hi Simona!
Is it sad Im a little excited to see my first sandstorm! Aha x

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