Any Social Workers in Alberta?

I am qualified social worker intending to emigrate to Canada, Alberta precisely later this year.

Just want social workers in the forum to share their experience to give me some practical insights. I have read a lot about the profession and have done my credential assessments and everything. I believe having practical examples will enhance my preparatory process. Thanks very much for your time.


Hi Mandie, I am not a social worker, though I do have much experience in a very similar field and have worked alongside many social workers in my career as a Special Needs Teacher. I can imagine that there will be no shortage of positions for you to apply for as it's typically not a super well-paid line of work. Depending upon the kind of social work you are hoping to go into, you could try non-profit agencies. There is a central database for several agencies to post jobs in Edmonton. I would suggest the University of Alberta's Career and Placement services website to explore potential opportunites as they have lots of jobs in a wide variety of fields. also the website....
Hope this helps :)

Thanks Katieg for your response, very much appreciated.