Fresh Juice .... Who's the best in Riyadh?

The scorching heat will be on soon. Let us talk about fresh juices as well.

Sharing My experience:

- Mama Noura is just fine. Their cocktail juice is TOO sweet. Not for sugar-conscious people. And of course variety lacks.

- I tried '50 fruits' on AbdulAziz road yesterday. Rated 3/10 for their ice-cream mango juice.

- Will try '55 fruits' in Naseem soon.

Trying to remember more names....! will keep appending.

And yes, Ranoosh is the best.... and almost the same true for 'Tooty Beiruty'

Longback i tried from 50 fruits apricot juice, pomengrate juices mixed together served over ice... lol mouth watering.
If people have time to make juice here is the recipe fresh juice recipe

@wd: new ink? ;)
@TLL : the best make your own smoothy.. nothing better. :P

Ranoosh is very good.
50 fruits' is tasty, but always overcrowded and you have to wait for at least 15 minutes before you get your order.
Every weekend I have dinner at Rayyan restaurant in Sulaimaniyah and the fresh juice there is of high quailty, less sugary and tastier than that of Mama Nura. I suggest you try the pomegranate or the tamarind juice.

@ RedGoblin
Nope old Ink. ;) it will never fade if you nourish properly
Better bring some fruits and try to make juice at home. :P

ALFARGHALI for fresh Juices is the best.
I Have tried all the mention stores above and they are all suspicious why do you think they make a huge barrier between the customer and the kitchen !!!
Farghali on the other hand they make the fresh juices in front of the customer and you can see them in action while they are preparing the juice for you.

Tx @Creative85, Any locations? esp in the North of Riyadh.

Farghali and Tutti Mango in Dabab St. are our favorite juice stores (also because it's within our area :P). Love avocado, melon, and strawberry.

of course its fruits fuzion in exit four near burj riffal tower  .100% fresh

The best cocktail is from shawarma house, and for other juices 50 Fruit is good

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