Importing a caravan / trailer / boat

The process is the same (and not to bad if done right apart from the time it takes)as importing a car; but one major point I missed that may save others time is to MAKE SURE that the trailer / boat / caravan is bought and registered or invoices are in the SAME NAME AS THE CAR you intend towing it with.
Mine was not, with the car being UK registered in my wifes name (and hence customs imported it in her name), and the CRiS caravan document was in my name. MAJOR CRISIS

We ended up sorting it by having to make a written statement of "sale" of 10% of the caravan to my wife..........crazy. This had to be witnessed and recorded in the Tax Office (it also cost me 5.40 Euro !!!!), and two hours !!!!

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Hi there can I ask if they charged a registration tax like they do with cars?  I am importing my caravan on a relocation of normal address certificate I got from the Greek consulate in London.  I think this provides exemption of import duties and vat.  But any advice of the process you went through would massively help.  I will be driving it over myself.

If things have not changed you are correct you should be able to import without heavy charges. However you still will have to go to the customs house locally (I think within 4 weeks) and declare.  The paperwork is crazy and they will want to inspect the caravan so make sure you have all papers and can locate the VIN / Chassis number. You will pay their charges but this (in my case) was nominal.

Then you have to register it with vehicle registration office and obtain road fund licence......this is paid annually like car road fund tax.

Points to note......

You may be required to have the tow hook on the car inspected.

The caravan MUST be in the same name as the owner of the car

All this was some years back now, so be aware things might have changed since my experiences

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is a tax charged for a motor home …we have nice ones that you drive.  I can live in one for sure


if you are importing and registering a motor home  you have to pay taxes and possibly

customs charges depending on where the vehicle was previously registered. If from outside

the EU that could be the equivalent of 20% plus (there are some exceptions if you are moving

to Greece as a permimant resident)

Then of course you will have road fund taxes normally based on either engine capacity or emissions