thyroid hypofunction, Hashimoto .... Medical care search

Can some one help

I have a problem with my thyriod (Hashimoto and hypofunction )
and i need proffesional care,
Found a doctor in a privat hospital and i'm not lucky whit it...

I have at next week a card so i can go to the normal hospital

Do some one know a specialist in RIYADH ???????????????????

Although hypothyroidism is not a good news at all, it simply means you have to keep it controlled ALWAYS. If you don't, it may cause many complicated medical conditions.

Any good doctor will do because there is nothing much doctors can do about it apart from a common generalized set of medicines which will help normalize harmones generation.

Visit any internal medicine doc in a well reputed hospital like Sulaiman Habib, Dallah, Specialized etc.

there is Dr.Atallah AL-Rehaily he is an excellent one.

there are some excellent endocrinologists in Riyadh, you just have to look (national guard) and King Faisal Specialist are about the best you will find.

Get your T3, T4, TSH levels checked by having blood drawn and lab work done. Normally they will prescribe you 100mcg and titrate accordingly. A family member of mine has severe hypothyroidism so its very important you get your metabolism and diets right, along with the control of your hypothyroidism too.

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