Obtaining KSA driving license from UAE License

I know there are certain posts regarding this topic, but my personal experience was a bit different , so here is how to obtain KSA license from UAE license or any GCC country.
There are two options:
1). keep your UAE license and get KSA license, for which you have to do everything like a newbie, e.g, computer test n written test etc etc,
2). they will take UAE license from you and give you KSA license after some small formalities.

As i choose the option 2, so here what you have to do or need:
1. copy of your iqama & UAE license
2. one passport size photo (4 X 6 cm) (better to keep 4 with you)
3.letter from sponsor
4. copy of passport
5.blood group report.
6. A form in Arabic (which a guy outside fill it for 10 SAR, with file)
7. One can get the same form free from inside n fill it, if you knw arabic.

after getting your file ready, go to building no.2 (in Dallah driving school -near exit 4).
go to left side with counter name Eye test, no eye test was taken , he just sign n stamp your form, n tell you to go to building 4.(do tell him you have a UAE license).
At building 4, they will take a small road test from you, 50m circle of a round about,(not tough, even if you stop your car at start, still they pass you).
Then again come to building no. 2 go to license checking section, again he sign n stamp n tell you to go to building 1.
At building 1 after taking sign from "CAPTAIN" u give them your file and they will give you , your license in half an hour.
try to pay the 400 SAR driving license charges via internet/mobile banking, as its easy and save you 50 SAR.

Hope it helps.

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What exactly is Option2, Keeping both licenses with you? Isn't it a better option as obtaining UAE license is a hard nut to crack?


I saw your above post regarding obtaining KSA driving license from UAE license, I have 4 years valid UAE driving license and If I go with 2nd option should I need to surrender my UAE driving license or they will give take the copy only. please let me know your kind update.

Following website has the procedure to convert your foreign driving license to South African driving license under South Africa.

wikiprocedure.com --> South Africa

Its been quite some time, but I would like to know if they take your original UAE license?

i have KSA badg driving license..i want get UAE driving license..bt how

They take your original UAE licence and send it back to the UAE.  The traffic file is updated and your licence is marked as "impounded".  That means it is no longer valid and you cannot drive in the UAE using that.  If you ever go back to the UAE, it is a pain to get that reactivated and in some cases, you might have to go through whole process again.

And UAE licence is the most difficult to get - cannot directly convert other GCC licences to the UAE one as an expat (need to do a test and if that fails, classes).   Every other licence is inter-convertible without test or classes e.g. Bahrain to Saudi, Saudi to Oman etc.  That's why I would not advise option 2 if you plan to go to the UAE at some later stage.

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