Buying clothes in Riyadh

Is it easy enough to get large size clothes for men in Riyadh? I mean things like size 11 shoes and sandals.

Evening Star

Not easy 'enough', but I'm sure you can find a few outlets. I recall seeing XXXXXXL (exaggerating a  bit coz I really ain't sure about number of X in the brand name) somewhere on King Fahad street.

Hi eveningstar simply step in to any of centrepoint
go to Splash Mens corner grab Brand Maxim you can find ur out fits and Go to shoe mart corner for Footwears

There is a big and tall shop in Olaya.. cant recall exactly where.
some where near the akariah buildings. Though I am not sure of that..

My hubby got shoes from Timberland (Granada mall), Merrell also have this size, i think it's in Olaya (not sure though, since i wasnt with him).

You can go look at the size of the shoes of this site are complete, and cheap

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