Any female gamers?

Anyone going to G-Con? Wish they had it for guys as well

Hi there,

Please tell us about this event afterwards. Too bad I cant attend. I will be interested to know if there were any female gamers in here as well as female game developers!

OMG OMG OMG! Thanks SOOOOO MUCH for sharing this! Will try my damn hardest to go! If they have DC2 available, I am so going there to buy it. I might also cosplay if I can meet their criteria.:happy:

youngthegiant wrote:

Subject: Any female gamers?

All females are gamers.....somehow :(

Thank you for showing us this!! I'm so gutted I'm in the UK at the moment!

:sosad: for girls only...

I hope one of these days - they'd come up one event for the boys...

@TLL Lolz! Good point!:one

@popolocroix senpai you seem so devastated! *rofl*

Anyway, I got word from the G-Con peeps via their twitter. They don't really have a criteria for the cosplay except it shouldn't be too revealing. :blink: I'm kinda devastated, not cuz I was planning to wear something skimpy but cuz it seems like they just threw in "cosplay" in it as it is a gaming con. I wanted rules and criteria so I know what to prep for so I guess I'm out.:/ I wanted to do FF or Naruto characters but... *sigh*

They also said they weren't going to be selling DC2 games. It's not like Prince Sultan is a block away so I guess I'm not going since I'm not really a gamer and my reasons for going just got shot. For those of you who are going, please keep me posted on the tourneys!:D

:cool: @x0mi07 i'm sure there'd be a lot of cool stuff inside...imagine :
a G-CON! >>>>
in Riyadh! >>>>
for Girls! >>>>
(i think the organizers must've gotten some 'statistics' to put up a G-Con for girls -- that, or they're just afraid to get beaten up to a pulp by boys in those tournaments?:joking:)

I was to say ::: "please keep me posted on those tourneys" to you, girl! :dumbom:

(still not going?) :(

Any girls interested in working part-time this weekend at the gaming convention? Message me for details.

Just curious since this is a gaming thread, I might as well ask if anyone knew of gaming conventions coming up in the next few months? Anyone play fighting games at all?

Hi ladies,
I am looking for some female gamers to complete a really short questionnaire for me. I am doing a Phd on the effects of video games. If you have 3-5 mins spare could you complete this at

I would be very grateful.  All anoynomous and no emails kept etc.

Hey Gamers,For xbox live cards and PSN cards, PM me.

Thank you.

Apparently it got cancelled before and it's now tomorrow? … w?mobile=1 … -day-2012/

britgirly wrote:

Apparently it got cancelled before and it's now tomorrow? … w?mobile=1

Yeah a few weeks ago Sony organized a Gamer's Day (first two days were for guys, third one for ladies). Unfortunately it was shut down half way through and the ladies didn't get a chance to attend. So they decided to give it a second shot and have it for ladies only (which starts tomorrow). Register here if you haven't already:

I am registered.
Tekken Tag Tournament

Awwwwwwwwwwwhh Yeaaaahhh. :cool:

If anyone's interested, TGXPO is happening this weekend for male gamers. Website is in Arabic but google translate is your friend.

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