rented house searching

My office is located near faisaliya tower Emirates bank. intersection between Kingfahad road and tahaliya street. i have roaming profile, can you suggest me in which area i need to look for house. i m bringing my family also..

need some indian family nearby, secured, some wat near to the office location..

can you guide which places i need to search for the house


Hi kishpoojary and welcome to!

For better visibility, I moved your post to the Riyadh forum.

You could have a look at the Riyadh Housing section in order to improve your chances to get the accommodation that suits your needs



Try looking in sulimania ....its close  to office location and there is an indian community.

Alternatively try near Lulu - there is a large indian community in the area and it will be a 10min -15min drive to your work.

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