Newbie member! (not in Riyadh yet)

Hi guys/girls,
I'm a Canadian guy who's been living in Australia for the last 3.5 years.  I've been offered a job to work in Riyadh, I am still working out the details. I'm also g*y, and wouldn't mind hearing about anyone elses experiences there, if so send me a private message!

Otherwise I'd like to get to know some local saudis to learn the culture and settle in, as well as some fun expats to hang out with, and maybe travel with when not working!

Welcome 'back' to EB mate!

Thanks TheLegendLeads,

I will update my status when I get things finalized with work.
So far all my work has given me is a total gross salary (very generous), but nothing about housing allowance, transportation, or relocation assistance.

TheLegendLeads wrote:

Welcome 'back' to EB mate!

Nice! Good luck!

check out the housing allowance ,rent is very expensive in Riyadh.

Hi faysg,

Found out, that I won't be on a Iqama (sp?), but on a business visa.  Apparently I'd have to leave the country every 30 days (bahrain?), and return back to my country of origin every 90 days to get a new certificate.
They said it takes up to a year to get an Iqama, but the project has already started, and it's only going to run up to 18-months.

So yeah, me renting an apartment and buying a car is out of the question, sounds like I will have to get the company to do this.

faysg wrote:

check out the housing allowance ,rent is very expensive in Riyadh.

when are u going here?

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