helping a homeless pet shelter in St. Petersburg

Hi! I am not an expat. I am originally from St. Petersburg but have been living in the States for the past 30+ years. I have been volunteering in animal rescue here for many years. Recently an old classmate of mine contacted me from St. Petersburg. She provides help to scores of homeless dogs and cats, and she is in need of a lot of help: food donations, blankets, furniture, transportation, building materials, you name it. Her most pressing need, however, is pet food.

I am looking for someone who could either help in this endeavor or put me in contact with someone who could help. I have contacted a number of animal welfare organizations and pet food manufacturers, but most didn't even respond at all. Any help or ideas you would be able to provide are greatly appreciated.

Natalie Kramer

An update: the shelter's Internet site now has an English version, which can be found at Thank you!

Where is the address of shelter?

FedAm :

Where is the address of shelter?

You've responded to someone that posted this 5 years ago!  You're a bit late  :lol: Probably not going to get a response.

If you need the address, follow the link posted and look for their address on their site.

Romaniac Experts Team

It is in Beloostrov, outside of St. Petersburg. They have a FB page at and

Thank you for writing.

Interesting! This is a great way to experience Russian culture.

I hope I still could go there when I am in St Petersburg.

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