KEP "The Riviera of Cambodia

Hello Everybody,

I m starting to Promote Kep wich i called "The Riviera of Cambodia". Actually i could describ Kep as "The most relaxing Destination of Cambodia". There is so much to devellop there in this very natural environment. I could suggest this concept as IT "(Intelligent Tourism" (i m joking)
There is a total lack of communication to Promote Kep that s why i focus on, i don t understand why ?, I live in Phnom Penh since 6th september 2011 and never seen any real nice advertisments ! all goes to Seam Reap, Sihanoukville, Kampot, Phnom Penh etc..? Kep got an unic Cinematic atmosphere, it entertains my memory and imagination : Brighton, Nice, Cannes, Dubrovnic riviera aswell etc...It s also desolated and romantic aswell wich becomes rare in this saturated world somehow nowadays...

I ll do soon a blog with text and selected photos.

Get out of the crowd, take a Capitol bus / 4 hours trip : ride a scooter in the National Park, go to Rabbit Island breath the sea and swim, hear the silence, eat in crab Market, whatever this beautfiull nature will support you along your trip ...Kep people are very friendly !

Enjoy and have a good time ! Welcome To Kep...


PS : the official website

Ha  ha thats why I live in Kep,forgotten treasure and its not going anywhere ATM....thank goodness.

Sounds good guys!!!! I feel like settling there now!!!

kep.. hmm.. this is cool .. love the site .

great info ,
thank u

I just came back from 4 months in Cambodia and now I'm itching to go back again. Maybe spend some time in Kep.I can afford to live in Cambodia but since I haven't been to the Philippines yet, I might try it out there first. I'm just not sure if I can afford living there. I am wondering if it is much more expensive, and if it would be as safe and fun as ttaveling around in Cambodia? So many questions, any good answers?

I would say everything is safe as you are safe yourself !

I lived in Manilla aswell and travelled in Philippines, it s also great , friendly Philippinos and lots of beautifull islands for example Palawan >>> El Nido ! if you see the corals you won t s real.. !

all the best


Hi Sigmone,
I'm looking forward to visiting Philippines soon, maybe 1 or 2 months, any suggestions?

Palawan Island / Puerto Princessa / El Nido snuggling.

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