close protection in Afghanistan

I am a Captain in the SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE FORCE with more than 25 years experience.I have numerous security courses,including close protection and First Aid Level III.I have tactical and excellent weapons skills.I really want to work as a security guard(static)or close protection in Afghanistan.I have applied for more than 100 posts but did not get any positive feedback.Can anybody assist me? I started thinking that our South Africans are just not good enough.

Hi cgpettit,

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Our new classifieds system will be online in a few days. You could then post your advert in the Afghanistan Job section.

Thank you and good luck.

Nothing wrong with South Africans. It is just very difficult now to get into Afghanistan to work in the security industry. The Govt have now made it very difficult for overseas security firms to operate there.

I worked there for 2 yrs and all our security coordinators were ex SA forces and I cannot speak highly enough of how professional they were.

Also, unless you have worked there before it is difficult to get work there.

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