Residency in Morocco

I need to find out the complete procedure of getting residency in Morocco
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Let me know if you find out anything on the residency stuff.  I am married to a moroccan woman and I am looking at moving there next year and will need to find out what I need to do to get my residency permit or whatever they call it.



I have my residency, however i cant give too much advice; it was extremely easy for me since my husband is moroccan. i didnt need to prove income or financial support, etc. but for you men, you will need to prove that you are either employed in morocco (not likely without first having residency) or have some other source of income (retirement, etc). if not, you must have a letter from your bank showing that you have a large amount of money. the number differs per region, unfortunately. good luck guys! this link might prove very helpful,,19515 - man discusses his experience obtaining moroccan residency

We applied for residency 3 years ago, the first one was for a year the second for two years. We now need to reapply how ever the police want 3 months bank statements showing income although a letter from the bank does state that we have funds to live here. I found it easier to move a large enough amount from the UK to Morocco as and when we need it. In truth the residency card as proved more trouble than its worth, the only advantage was that I could by a car. I am now wondering how I can get out of this status, I only live 30 minutes from the Spanish enclave of Cueta.

If any one know how to relinquish residency status please let me know.

I hope you are ok. Are you in Morocco now.

any one know ?
What is the procedure of extension of tourist visa in morocco

In order to extend your visa in Morocco, you have to report to the local police with relevant documents (I  am not sure about the documents).
I guess
1). Last 3-6 months of bank ( preferably Morocco) statements showing you have enough funds to support yourself .
2). Recent Bank letter ( preferably Morocco) saying available funds.
3). Accomadation ( tenancy agreement/ contract).
4). If you are working in Morocco, a letter from your employer requesting for your visa extension.

They might ask you few questions ( interview )

A). Since arrival into the Morocco, what have you been doing ?
B). Genuine reason for your visa extension
C). Information about local friends/ family/ employment.

* if you can tell us what have you been doing in Morocco then we could suggest more clearly.

Keep us update

Good luck

Acctually I want to go to morocco on tourist visa for processing my marriage to Moroccan girl, but problem is that Morocco embassy will give me tourist visa of validity only one month, this one month is not enough for me to processing ,court marriage and marriage ceremony, I need more time for all thing,
Please can any one give all information about extension of tourist visa in Morocco

Hello. I'm a South African married to Moroccan.  I'm been given the run around with regards to residency in Morocco. Kenitra central police told us to go to Rabat. In Rabat we went to 5 different places. Lastly; we we told to get a file together with any and all documents and submit to SA Embassy so that they can hand it ?Immigration. My visa was issued in UAE and it's a tourist visa. One office says it's not an issue and another says that it should have family visa. Please help. I'm gatvol. I'm legally a non-resident of SA and most of my income is in my husband's bank account.  My son has also started school here.
Please help
Where to go
What's the process
Which office


Sorry just seen your post...I know it’s very old!

We are hopefully moving from Uk to Morocco the end of next year....just wondering how you transfer money from Uk to Morocco...did you do it through online I would not trust that.

Thanks very much if you can help.


From UK the best way is to transfer money is online transaction from UK based bank , this way the money and the transaction is safe. In Morocco no guarantee. Anything could happen as I was recently betrayed by a marriage scam. She arrived into UK thrown me into the legal complications of domestic nature so that she could secure her stay officially and legally.
My sincere advice is never ever trust a Moroccan.
I’m sure you are moving to Morocco for a good reason. I wish you good luck, however I wouldn’t recommend. Sorry , it my experience and I have to be honest with a fello UK national. No doubt that everyone one falls in love with Morocco but as you go along you will see the reality. I have been told that Morocco ‘s economy depends on the visitors.
Good luck. Keep posting and update us please.

Morrocco is a totally safe and wonderful place to live.
Open a morroccan bank account and you can transfer from uk bank with no worries.

Of course there will be negative issues with people who have been wronged.
No matter where you move there are always people looking to take advantage.

Morroccan people are extremely helpful generous and will go out of their way to help. As for trust yes do be careful but with time friendship and trust will come.

I have been in morrocco for several years and have had not a single issues or problem.

Please what are those tests required before I am given medical certificate fr residence permit in morocco? What if one of the tests is positive?

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