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Where to buy good quality rugs / carpets in Riyadh?

Any advice on type/quality of rugs would be appreciated.

It really depends on the quality you after. The better the quality the more expensive they become.

For persian rugs there are a few places on King Abdul Aziz Road between white palace hotel and the Shola Market.

There are some new shops (opened recently) opposite IKEA on the East Rind Road, (if you go past Ikea and do a U -turn, the shops on your right all sell furniture, carpets/ rugs etc)

I am also interested in buying 'authentic' Persian carpets and wonder if anyone could advise another town/village/junction in the desert that might be famous for its carpets... perhaps at less than crazy city prices?

I have been to the spot opposite IKEA and had the impression that the bulk of the carpets were factory made, distinctly modern designs and may even have had polyester in them.

Glad for any advice

Try owais souk...

Princess sunshine wrote:

Try owais souk...

also commonly referred to as Kuwaiti Souk.

Thank you for the suggestions.

search  this  site    www.  it is the best  collection in the middle  east

You will be shocked - I brought a really nice rug from the homecentre at Al oitham mall khaurais road. beautiful

Due to need for cash I am selling my three beautiful Isfahan wool on silk carpets in perfect condition.  The smallest of which I paid USD $6,650 in 2008.  I am selling at 75% of what I paid to a high reputable dealer in Kuwait.  I have receipts.  You will not be able to get a better deal anywhere.  My urgent need for cash is your opportunity.  I am in Riyadh.  Call 053 305 9973

@cdcooper99- you should post an ad in the Riyadh classifieds > buy and sell section.

EastLondon wrote:

You will be shocked - I brought a really nice rug from the homecentre at Al oitham mall khaurais road. beautiful

yeah home center is awesome.
i have bought 5-6 rugs from them.

I too am looking for very high (investment) quality rugs: Turkeman (preferably Bukhara/Tekke);  Isfahan;  Tabriz;  Qum;  Nain;  et al.

My preferences are these:  natural dyes, select wool from New Zealand, quality silk, and very high knot density (+600 KPI).  If it's a Nain, then 6-La/Shishla only, with silk fringe.

I am interested in recommendations of people who have actually purchased rugs from the Riyadh dealers they are recommending.

Big stores--especially "big box" stores like Ikea--are of no interest to me.  I'm looking for heirlooms and resalable, value-retaining rugs.

***The most important thing is that you've dealt successfully with the salesman.  I've been to a few shops and souks in Riyadh, and can honestly say I've never been lied to so much in such a short time frame in all my life.  I don't mind paying for quality.***

In short, I'm just looking for a good inventory, and an honest salesman...which may be impossible.  We'll see.

Thanks in advance.


Christine wrote:

@cdcooper99- you should post an ad in the Riyadh classifieds > buy and sell section.

EB might want to program a feature that posts an alert to the Riyadh Forum whenever a new classified ad is created in the Riyadh Classifieds (ditto for all cities, respectively). 

It will create exposure, awareness, and traffic.  Currently, that section of the EB website is as static and barren as the Sahara.

Haraj Souq really having all type of varieties and in reasonable prices

Aali786 wrote:

Haraj Souq really having all type of varieties and in reasonable prices

Thanks for the lead, Aali786--I think I've been to that souq.

It isn't necessarily a market or store, however, that I'm most interested in finding.  I'm looking for an honest salesman who doesn't put greed before ethics.  Specifically, a salesman who wants to make a reasonable profit, but doesn't try to swindle the blue-eyed Westerner.

My employees keep telling me to send them in first to get "the local price," then return to make the purchase.  This isn't how I want to shop for rugs.

I plan to purchase +10 high quality rugs in the next 6 months--maybe more in the future, perhaps at wholesale and shipped to the U.S.  I prefer that a reasonable profit margin be added, and leave it at that.  I have an aversion to the lengthy and involved histrionics of negotiation.

Thus, my quest is for one specific thing:  a friendly, knowledgeable, and ethical shop owner or salesman to help me find exactly the rugs I want at a fair price.  Nothing more;  nothing less.  As I wrote in a previous post, this may be an impossible endeavor.

Any qualified recommendations will be immensely appreciated.


Postscript:  I'm not only speaking of honesty regarding price, but also materials, provenance, and craftsmanship techniques.  I.e., Is it select lambswool from New Zealand, or is it Pakistani wool blended with horse and goat hair?  Is it woven by the Habibian workshop in Na'in, or is it woven in the same style by a different family?  Which type of knot is used?  What is the KPSI?  Et cetera.

I've asked these questions at about a dozen stores in Riyadh, and the prevarications abound.  In some cases I can call them out by doing tests or inspections, but I'd rather have straight answers.  After all, I'll be spending in the hundreds-of-thousands of Riyals range--forthrightness, trust, and respect are small things to expect in exchange.

you guys really should visit           
i have visited their gallery and was amazed by the perfect conditioned tribal antique rugs they also have a wide collection probably the best ive seen in riyadh so far
contact them and ask to visit the gallery for veiwing
best of luck
you wont regret it ;)
hope i helped


Ummmm.. you wouldn't happen to OWN Riyadh Antique Rugs by any chance? ;)

i wish i did  loool :'( am an interior designer who visited their gallery a couple of weeks ago am always interested in rugs specially antique ones :D

Hi cdcooper99,I am interested of viewing your rugs;did u sell them or still available.Thanks

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you can visit Riyadh Shoula market beside this you will find export quality Carpets and rugs, king Abdulaziz road.

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