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Hi there,

I am planning some flat renovation, namely electric re-wiring. A non-Hungarian friend who is an electrician in Poland is available to come to Budapest to help with this. Is it possible to work on electrical installation in the flat without being certified electrician in Hungary or do we need to hire someone locally? Are there any rules what kind of work can be done by ourselves and what requires a certified electrician?

thanks a lot in advance!

I think it would depend on what you are having done. If you were just wanting extra sockets, lights, switches etc. your Polish electrician could do it but if it involved breaking any seals in the meter / tripswitch area you would be best to check first with Eon or whoever supplies your electricity.

This sounds promising. I will check with the electr. provider but most of the stuff is as you mentioned- extra sockets, new switches, etc...

thanks a lot!

It's only the gas that needs a certified repairman for the smallest changes even.

hey Dzulia,

The flat is your? or do you a lodger?

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