Compound Wait Times

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone comment on the wait times to get into various compounds?  I don't have any specific ones in mind yet, but will be looking for a decent 2 bedroom villa in a nicer (not "nicest", unless price permits) compound.  Any suggestions on compounds with decent ameneties (movie theatre, bowling, restaurants, shops, etc...)?  Thanks!!



Hi Erik, browsing through the forum may give an idea to you.

Do not hesitate to post an advert in the accommodation section of Riyadh classifieds too.;)


Compound waiting lists can be long !!! (in excess of 6 months)

But it all depends on availability at the time you enquire.

There is a list of compounds and contact details on this blog..just search for it..and contact them directly

Actually the list is in the Guide..listed in the vertical box to the left.

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