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I am coming to Sao Paulo on may with two years work permit. I am having 3 years old child. We don't know portugal language. I am looking for good english medium school for my son. My monthly earings may come $4000 us dolloars. Will you guide me which school is best one with moderate fees in Sao paulo.

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Sorry for giving you such a scare with my first reply (which I have now deleted) that contained incorrect information.

I must have been suffering from "brain freeze" although I read your salary in US dollars my brain was stuck on Brazilian reais.

Actually USD $4000 is a decent salary and you should do well here. As far as any private schools, you should find out what neighborhood you will be living in if at all possible, then do a Google search for "Educação Infantil em + the name of the neighborhood" that will give you lots of websites that generally contain the schools' phone numbers. They may not want to quote fees over the phone. Good luck.

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What is the best education for teenagers? is there any secondary english schools in Sao Paulo?


Hi Loetitia,

Yes, there are several private high schools in São Paulo and they're all pretty good, but they are extremely expensive.

Google "Colegio Particulare em São Paulo" and you'll get dozens of hits.  Cheers,
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