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I am including a new one here. I found this blog by accident, when last night I was looking for something about Norway in google search. and after seeing some of the existing post on this website, my first impressions on this website is, Wow! This is a cool website ...!

I live at Depok, a city located around Jakarta. Depok can be regarded as a university town, because there are several universities in it. one of them is the University of Indonesia, which is one of the largest university in Indonesia. and by chance I am alumni of this university, and lived in the area around the university.
so, if you are looking for information about education at the University of Indonesia, I can help you with that. And, there are also programs for foreigners who want to learn Indonesian language, called BIPA 'Bahasa Indonesia Penutur Asing' or Indonesian language for the foreign speakers.

I hope to get acquainted with people from around the world. and perhaps I can accompany you if you want to visit Depok, or Jakarta. showing you, how the lives of Jakarta daily. Jakarta is a metropolitan city, full of twists and turns the life of a metropolitan community. Jakarta has a small area, but it is an government center, business center, and is central to the lifestyle of people in Indonesia.

and as the closing of my introduction, Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you also and thanks to post these informations...
How to become student in an indonesian University if i'm already in Indonesia, Jakarta? there any programm in Jakarta to learn bahasa Indonesian as the one that you propose in Depok?

Hi anna ... thanks for the reply...

I will try to answer your questions.... i hope, i can help u with this answers... :)

from some article that I read, there are some requirements that you must do before u became a student at the university in Indonesia. this is related to education regulation for foreign students. such as, you must to have visa tinggal terbatas (Vitas), and Study Permit (Surat Izin studi) from DIKTI (Direktorat Pendidikan Tinggi or the Directorate of Higher Education),  at National Education Ministry.
maybe, for more complete information, you should seek information to:

Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi
Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional

Alamat  : Jln. Raya Jend Sudirman Pintu I, Gedung D Depdiknas, Senayan Jakarta 
Telp    : (021) 57946100     
E-mail  : dikti[at]
Website : http:/

and if you are interested to apply to University of Indonesia, maybe this site
can help you with the information about it...

as I know, in Jakarta, for learn Indonesian maybe you'll find private lessons classes for it. but maybe you can try for find information to language educational institutions such as LIA at Jalan Pramuka or STBA LIA at Jalan Kalibata.

or if u interested in BIPA program in University of Indonesia, u can see the information in this link:

I hope all this information can help you... :)

Wouah sounds great...Thanks for your reply
I would love to have the same programm in Jakarta, I'm with my fiancé, living here
If you have any link with universities in Jakarta, let me know...because I'm more interested in having a programm in University than  private lessons.

btw, sorry, may i know where do u live in Jakarta? because Depok is very near with Jakarta. u can use train or public bus for the transportation... so.., maybe u can try BIPA program at University of Indonesia... as i know, it's a good program..

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