Lengthy overstay - what will happen upon exiting the EU?

Hi I am Ryan from the USA. in 2009 I moved to Germany with my band, our manager was having their immigration lawyer work on my status to get me residency.

During that time I had a severe car accident that put me in a coma for a long time and left me unable to walk and unable to fly. Thing is, that means I have overstayed my tourist visa by 6 years.

Almost recovered, I am flying to the US and am leaving Europe through Istanbul, Turkey. Going home. What am I to expect from immigration? Fines, bans, deportation? I am not a criminal, never been in the system (besides my accident) and have not worked or gone to school during my overstay.

Also - I lost my passport in the accident and got it reissued via the embassy, so my current passport has no stamps.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Pardon me by saying so: but when you had the accident that put you in a serious health status, didn't anyone (e.g., your band, hospital, family etc) get in touch with the US consulate and, inform them of the occurrence?

I feel that you will encounter some constraints when getting back to the States.


Hi Ryan, have you gone back to the US yet? I'm curious about what happened! I hope you're recovered well!

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