Getting married in Bahrain

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We invite all the ones who got married in Bahrain or who are about to get married in Bahrain to participate in this thread :)

What are the formalities to get married in Bahrain? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners of for a mixed couple (between a foreigner and a native of Bahrain)?

Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities?

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I don't have such experience yet but I have found this article to have some useful information in this regard "Marriage Certificate & Registration"

Its also very important for expats to consult their embbasies in Bahrain for further guidance.

Hope this helps anyone have a plan to get married in Bahrain :)

Agree with vidodido.

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Agree wd yOu,,,

So what if both man and woman are US citizens? He's working for the military there on the US base and she's flying there to visit and get married.
What is the process to get the license? From whom?

Hello d1zelsgrl and welcome to the forum,

I guess your case is quite simple. As you are both US Citizens, you will have to check with your consulate or embassy. They will explain to you the procedure.

You will find HERE an explanation from the State Department.

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is it possible for foreingner to marry bahrain women

Hi Ganiyu and welcome to the forum,

That's a strange question you're asking :D
There is no law against the fact that a Bahraini women marries an expat.
Nevertheless, most of the families are still living according to traditions and sons and daughters are usually getting married with their family consent.
Furthermore, if many of the youngsters from wealthy enough families move abroad to study, most of them come back to work as they don't want to live anywhere else. This should be an obstacle if you plan to get married and go back to your country after a while.
Last but not least, even if Bahrain is a traditional country, I don't think that someone can come from Nigeria pick a wife marry her an go back :D I'm not sure what was exactly your plan here but Bahrain is modern enough to let to young women some space for their advice in the decision process.

Hope this helps a little, if not please elaborate your question...

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Hello Friends
For all the people who can help me with this.
How about an Indian national wanting to get married to a Bahraini national who just received her citizenship converted from Indian to Bahraini.
And also the Indian( who is off course me :p)holds a free visa.
What are the procedures and how much time will it take to get the marriage registered and everything?
And also, the visa i hold,has it got to do anything with the whole procedure.


Any Help from any/all of the cognizant members of the forum would be high help.

@mgnimun, i pm'd you.

hallo friends

i have a query related to my present setuation

i am an indian presently living in bahrain on a visit visa as my whole family got shited here

next month we r planin to get marrried to to my fiance who is a british national we both are muslim by religion

my question is that
can we get married here in bahrain an can register our marriege here

if i dont have a CPR as i am not working presnelt so i dnt have onee will taht be a problem

waht all are the doucment requred

plz freind i need your help and ur suggetion on avery short span

hoping for a responce from your end

I see no reason of you two not being able to get married. However I would certainly recommend you paying a visit to the British Embassy in Bahrain, go there with your wife, and see what they say. You may need to bring some documentation from your individual countries, but I don't think a CPR is one of them. Again, please check it with the embassy and see what they say.

[Moderated: not a dating website pls] non saudi and  gonna marry saudi man.govt refused permission  so next step is to get marry in bahrain and come back to ksa.and after 5 yrs of marriage again we can apply for permission with chances of if we marry in bahrain then will we get official nikah paper from bahrain?it ll be stamped by bahrain officials?

Good morning... I am a filipina, working here in bahrain and my boyfriend is saudian, and we want to get marry here in Bahrain. What is the procedures of gettig marry here?

Hi im filipina nad my fiancee is american wishing to get married we both qorking in saudi arabi what is procedure we can call a christian priest come over here to perform civil ceremony

Do we have to go to bahrain to get married

Christianity in Saudi???? NO CHANCE

I would recommend paying a visit to the American Embassy in Saudi Arabia. If there is any chance, it will have to be done at the embassy. Although I have no experience in this field nor have I heard anything from anyone about the procedure, this is the only solution I can come up with.

Good luck and let us know how it goes for future reference.

My fiancee called us embassy already and they dont perform marriage ceremony

Have you tried the embassy in Bahrain? Maybe they do it here?

There is no christianity allowed in Saudi. Not even a picture or an Easter Egg so getting married and especially by a priest will never, ever, ever be allowed. As I stated earlier. You may have to travel home to get married as you need to be a Bahrain resident to get married here. Embassy's don't tend to do marriages as they aren't a marriage service provider.

The US Embassy website says you can get married in Bahrain in one of the churches here in Bahrain. For more information, see below: … riage.html US Embassy website also says it is against the US law to get married at the consulate in any country.

Although US Embassy is not allowing their citizens to get married at their consulates, on the contrary, many other embassies do. Whether this is they are a marriage service provider or not depends on the country. For example, British Embassy allows people to get married at the consulate (although no mention of whether it would be a religious ceremony or a legal one). The same rule applies to some Turkish Embassies as well. But then, as I learned by researching about its allowance by the US Embassy, some embassies don't allow their citizens to get married at the consulate. However, they recognise the marriage as long as the required documentation is supplied.

They are civil ceremonies 9/10. Occasionally they are allowed to use a church but as this is the GCC churches are pretty scarce. Maybe a trip to vegas and an Elvis costume would be good :-)

Hi,lm filipina and my fiancee is bahraini we are planning to get married here in bahrain but we need to get NOC in the philembassy my question is how long does it take to get it?

I want to know also how long does it take a NOC from Philippine embassy

@ Spartacuskooletz > In order to know how long it takes for the Philippines embassy, i really think that you should create a new topic on the Philippines forum and to ask your question there. :)

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Priscilla :

@ Spartacuskooletz > In order to know how long it takes for the Philippines embassy, i really think that you should create a new topic on the Philippines forum and to ask your question there. :)

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Hi Priscilla, i believe Spartacuskooletz has posted in the correct forum. She wants to know how long the Embassy of Philippines in Bahrain will take to issue this NOC.

As with any dealings with embassies, it really depends on a case by case basis. Why don't you get in touch with Philippine Embassy and find out?

I want to get married

abraheem :

I want to get married

Good idea.

Hi, I'm a Filipino. I currently work here in Saudi Arabia. My fiancé work in Bahrain. Is there any chances that we get marry in Bahrain even though I will use a tourist visa??

Please get in touch with the embassy. Of you both are from Philippines, you should be able to get married at the embassy or they can guide you for this purpose.

Details of the embassy was given on the above post.

how if i plan to get married in bahrain to indian national..but im seperated in phillipines.. but until now i used my surname of my ex just ask that if theres a possibility to get married in bahrain???

Any posible for house marraige?

queency 59 :

Any posible for house marraige?

Would you be so kind to give us further information about your post please? Actually It is quite difficult to understand it.



upon my experience with my friends and family members the legal requirements could be super and relatively easy for bahraini men to marry a foreign women. and could be easy for a bahraini women to marry a foreign man BUT he must be muslim at least on a documents or a paper that stated the man is a muslim.

Hi. I am not sure if this issue has already been asked since there was too much posts to read. (just lazy, i guess) ^_^ anyway... I am a Filipina and I am engaged to my Egyptian fiancé. We are thinking of getting married in Bahrain and I would really appreciate and will be glad if anyone can help me out. We were thinking of a civil wedding in Bahrain. May I know the requirements? Btw, we both are working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. :)

I am Indonesian and Muslim, my fiance is Christian American, is there any possibility that we can get married in Bahrain at the Court, without having anyone converting each other religions?.

Thank you in advance

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