Getting married in Albania

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, I got married in albania in July .. I am currently preparing to apply for a residence permit and was wondering what exactly I need, im finding mixed answers. I know I need a police report but does anyone know how many years it has to cover. I was at my last residence for 3 years .. if I just got that one will it be okay ?

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Can anyone give me any information on what i would need to do to marry in albania ( i am english and my partner is albanian) any information you can give me would be brilliant and i would be so grateful.... i look forward to hearing from you all!

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Try to look on your embassy website or go to your embassy because I’m not sure if every country is the same . I’m American and the process was very easy

Thanks very much for trying to help me I living here in Uk can tell me what process u doing in Albanian can speak Albanian no understand English good to read.

Are u English?
I am English and I married in Albania a few years ago.
Please send me a private message and I will try to help



Hi, I am planning to have a wedding in Albania and was wondering if anyone could recommend an English speaking wedding planner in Albania that is able to help us?


I want to get married in Albania can I get the freedom to marry affidavit here in the USA notarized And apostille. If I do that can they give me a date for the marriage?


Hello there how are you? What’s news? Are you happily married with your man and living in the UK?

I am from India. I am planning to marry in Albania and settle with her in Albania.

What is the process and what all documents are required.

Do I have to go on tourist visa to her And marry her?

Just finding the right solution, so that we can stay together.

You can find the answers to your questions in the older comments

Hi: I'm a U.S citizen looking to marry an Albanian citizen in Albania. Do I have to plan to be in Albania for 2 weeks to complete all the requirments? I saw there was a waitperiod of 11 days. I'm wondering if my Albanian fiance can handle some of the paperwork beforehand so I don't have to stay for 2 weeks, as I don't have that much vacation time and can only go for a week. Can anyone give us some advice? I just met with an immigration lawyer about doing the I129 Fiance Visa to bring him here to US for marriage but he said I would be better off marrying in Albania and then applying for the marriage visa.  Thanks!

Hi there, yes you will need the 2 weeks for the process.. as you meet to and declare your commitment with the celebrant and submit paperwork then wait the “cooling off period” then return to be officially married and take the new paperwork

Thank you! And just so I'm clear, when you declare your commitment, at that time, you would need all the paperwork already gathered (including the Affidavit of Eligibilty to Marry in Albania) and then you wait the 11 days? I know that I would need enough time to meet with the U.S embassy to get the Affidavit, so I'm wondering if I need to do that first, then the declaration, or if you can just declare and then use the 11 days to get all your paperwork in order by the ceremony time?  Thanks for this info, it's very helpful in our planning! -Christina

Hi sorry my time is limited right now so just a quick reply.. have all documents ready the first time you go to the commune.. you could get yours before you travel? Have Albanian get theirs in hand before you arrive.. Albania can be slow at producing what’s needed.. just the relaxed nature of the country.. best wishes

Thank you for the information!

Be sure to bring a birth certificate dated within the last three months with an apostille. I brought an older copy of my birth certificate and I was turned down even though I had everything they asked for.  So now I have to go back again! I’m happy to go back, but we wanna start our lives together already!

it is an official building where you sign the official papers to get married. a branch of the municipality.

I would love to find an Albanian Muslim soulmate. I hope I can meet her. I don't know how procedures of marriage are managed there. Your blog may help :) Regards.

Albania is a wonderful country

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