Getting married in Indonesia

As long as you provide the UK immigration with proof of long term relationship status, financial stability and proof of employment from there I am sure the process of bringing your wife to the UK can begin. She will need to take English proficiency tests as well as provide all legal documents and information that is required. Citizenship in the UK is very hard to obtain if you cannot provide the above regardless where or who you marrry.

@Fred...thanks mate.
My to be has enquired with the marriage office and probably will be inviting the lady officer to attend the conversion ceremony in the Hindu temple. Thereafter go to the court for name change (my family name as surname) and with that letter take it to the marriage office for registering. I think I've to submit the marriage certificate to the British Embassy in Jakarta.  Then apply for new id with the altered name and religion.

@lukereg...thanks for the reply
Tell me about it. It's ever so getting tougher and complicated these days. I'm sure we'll grind and manage our way through. Getting married is my main concern. Once that's done and out of the way, major chunck of the worries will be over. Thanks once again mate. Cheers

Wozirosse :

I think I've to submit the marriage certificate to the British Embassy in Jakarta.  Then apply for new id with the altered name and religion.

You can't - That would be illegal.

She still might have problems with the conversion away from Islam.
Whilst apostasy isn't illegal here, a lot will assume Islamic law on the subject applies (even if it doesn't and they know it) so that could be a problem with some officials.

That issue has to be addressed before any other plans can go ahead as the marriage would be illegal until it's sorted out.
Whatever is on her KTP is correct as far as the law is concerned, and that means she can't marry a non Muslim unless the KTP has already been changed to suit.

When applying for the correct Visa one thing to take into account is proof of relationship, you can use screen shots from the likes of Facebook, emails etc marriage alone is not enough to show an adequate time spent together (a lot depends on the Embassay/consulate approval)
It’ can be difficult (not impossible)  to obtain a spouse Visa/ married Visa as a first application immediately after marriage (that’s if your wife to be has not visited the uk before and could raise alarm bells) but please don’t let this put you off applying
You make the initial application in Indonesia then convert it in the UK (was correct December last year)
If your working you need to be earning over £18k per year soon to raise to about £20/22k
If your unemployed you need to show you have access to (I think) £55k you’ll need evidence of this and must be your assets not a family member
If going for the full residency one (check for updates) she can only leave the uk for a total of 180 days in five year period (that information may be out dated)
If you go down the path of a visit Visa this allows her to “visit” but remember anything over Three months is considered “living” in the UK although she is allowed upto 6 months it can be difficult on later applications.
The norm as with me (I have no plans to return to the uk in the immediate future but never say never) my now wife has had x2 visit Visa, she now has a 2 year one the next will be a 5 year one well apply 2018/2019 (will be a formality) this allows her multi entry upto 6 months but we will always keep below 3 months

Dont forget to pay/apply for the nhs surcharge I think it’s £200 total?  and she can obtain full nhs treatment

Hi Gwmeath,

So, if I am not working but can prove I have more than £55k, my Indonesian wife will be allowed to live in the UK permanently? Or does it still need to be done in stages?

As long as you have for example £55k (check the amount it’s £55k ish) in a bank account then yes, it’s the same process as if you was earning £18k ish per year (could well be 3c £18k ) if you have children (can’t comment if British born or Indonesian born or both) they is a slight increase of say £4K total or per child (again not 100% on the actual figures)
It’s worth checking the process, But it’s 99.9% the same as if working it was the case last December look on the uk government website and type in something like none eu wife uk Visa etc they is a few places to apply I’ve done it in Jakarta and Bali (it never gave me the option for jakarta last time no idea why) I’m sure the other option is Surabaya??

OK thanks.

Money is not an issue even if I need to have another £4K per child but the £18k per year isn't going to happen. I'm 60 years old and the only job I could get would probably be a cashier at Sainsbury's which is nothing to look forward to. So for the time being I'll continue enjoying life in Indonesia.

If you was to return to the Uk with your none uk family and you have children/ school age children and if you haven’t already it will be easier for all to get them UK passports easier for schools health care etc if you decided to stay permanently with your family in the UK your wife has Two options
1 follow the procedure for the permanent stay (she keeps her foreign citizenship)
2. Takes on uk citizenship but relinquish her Indonesian one
Most people opt for the multi entry 2/5 year Visa
She can’t travel around Europe on either until 1 or 2 is complete
Also pay for nhs surcharge at application stage
Renewing Indonesian passport in the Uk is by appointment only in person at the embassy in London usually takes about 5 days not sure if they still do same day/ following day service I have a gut feeling they don’t?
If you do return take every single bit of evidence (original) and colour copies of everything you can possibly think of even letters from family in Indonesia confirming your move sounds overwhelming BUT it would be asked for eventualy
She/ kids will also need to be screened for TB

Kids already both have UK passports, and TB jabs I think already done from when we lived in KL.

OK many thanks for that great advice and information.

That’s fine, but if you was to apply to go back for over 6 months they all need to be screened for TB for history or ongoing health issues for TB and the documents submitted with the application as supporting documents under 6 months visit no need for screening

Yes we have a complete record of all their vaccinations, all done by their doctor in Gleneagles Hospital in Kuala Lumpur. But like you, no plans at all to move back there in the foreseeable future.

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