Getting married in Belgium

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We invite all the ones who got married in Belgium or who are about to get married in Belgium to participate in this thread :)

What are the formalities to get married in Belgium? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners of for a mixed couple (between a foreigner and a native of Belgium)?

Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities?

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It has been two years ago since I started the paperwork for applying a marriage visa, memories are a bit rusty but tried my best.
These are the required documents I needed at that time, I'm sure it changes according to countries and also probably changed by time.

1. 3 visa application forms + 3 recent photos within 6 months with white background
2. Passport (validity at least one year) and copy of passport.
3. The household registration (partial) in Chinese. -This is a proof I was living in Taiwan. I guess it will be something else depending on your country.
4. Police record for every person older than 18. -Making sure you aren't a criminal?? Don't know what is the procedures if you do have some record with the police....
5. Medical certificate certifying that the applicant has not contracted a contagious or transmittable disease, or a disease that can be dangerous for public safety. -There was an assigned hospital and list of required items that you need to get checked.
6. Proof that you have notified the city hall of your intention to get married
    In general, it concerns following documents for the proof:
    Birth certificate
    Certificate of celibacy
    Certificate of nationality
    Proof of residency
    Certified copy of passport
    If the future spouse is not present personally for the notification, a consignment letter can be requested.
There was something not listed on here : Getuigschrift van gebruiken inzake huwelijk. It's the general marriage laws of your origin country, at least that's what I was told. Can apply at the embassy of your country in Belgium.
- Here is the tricky part!! This took quite a while before I got this document!! I needed to send documents to my spouse then he could apply for marriage notice in the city hall in Belgium. When my spouse applied for it, he waited for like a month, then he got a call from the police that they wanted to do a interview with US. Yes, us, but I wasn't in Belgium!! Fortunately, they agreed to do an interview first with my spouse, then I can do my interview when I'm in Belgium. (Then actually how do they know if the marriage is genuine if the marriage was done separately??)
7. Proof of sufficient financial means or an affidavit of financial support signed by a Belgian national.
    Affidavit of financial support:
    form available at the city hall, signed by the guarantor and signature must be legalized at the city hall
    copy of identity card of the guarantor
    proof of regular income of the guarantor
6. and 7. need your spouse to send to you after applying

***All documents from your country need to be translated to Dutch, French or Germen(according to where your spouse is living. After being translated, it also needs to be legalized by a Notary Public.

After I got all the papers above, did hand in my application (Costs 60 euro) They then send all the documents back to Belgium to be examined. After....three months I think, finally got the call that I got my visa!!
I hope all these don't look too messy to understand. But if there is any problem, will try my best to help!


Hi..Im Filipina living in Netherlands as an au pair..Is there somebody could help me or advice me???I want to married to my belgian fiancee. We’re now 7 month of relationship. We will have an interview on March 12,2020. We intent to mary on April 4,2020. Do you have tips or clue for what they gonna ask with interviewee??? I dont want to fail cus I really want to get married and start a family soon.

Ask? What should they ask?  :/

A marriage is a "contract" between two person and nobody can say anything (in Belgium, of course) about what, when, how, even for same sex marriage.

Please, check some official info about marriage: … y/marriage

Sorry but you're, at some point, wrong pmichelazzo.
Every states in Europe are actually fighting against fake wedding. (grey/white)

A celebration of the marriage can be canceled / refused to be celebrated if at least one of the 2 is/was only seeking for resident permit or to become Belgian in the future.
And so, if you do or did participate in a grey/white wedding, you might be forbidden to get married together and your marriage would be void. (fine + jail in some case if money was involved...)

Only a family lawyer could reverse the sentence.
You can read the article 146bis of the civil code about the fake wedding

So, yes, the interview is an important step.
But the question are easy, if there's absolutely no doubt about your relationship. (name/firstname/address/job/best friend name/what did you eat yesterday/who do the cooking/the laundry/where, when and how did you meet/family member names/...)
Really basic questions... that you should obviously not fail if you really know each other...
So no reason to panic!

But in case they're some suspicions or if you're faking your relationship, other questions can be way more hardcore and intimate...

Look on google: interview visa schengen / interview marriage belgium, you'll find plenty example on the web.

Thank you for ur response..Yeah its not a fake marriage cus i love my fiancee so much.And i cant imagine to be away for him for so long.. And i will marry him wherever it might be.

Well, I'm sure that I'm not wrong, suspecting that who is doing such kind of "contract" is doing in good faith. My point was strictly related with the original question "tips and clue", expecting that do not exist tips for that.

I agree with you but we cannot assume on straight way that people is doing that to outwit the system. For sure people need to give some information that met the minimal request of a government and is necessary to avoid the grey/white marriage , including the questions that you point.


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