Pregnancy in Malawi


could you please share advice and tips about pregnancy in Malawi?

Who are the best gynecologists for pregnancy follow-ups?

Which hospitals or clinics would you recommend to give birth in Malawi?

Thanks a lot for your advice :)


Hi everyone! I'm interested too in this issue, please would be great if somebody could share experiences...

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Hi Christine and Dora,

first of all congrats with the pregnancy.

To answer to your questions ;
there`s Dr. Gwaza who works in the Good Hope Clinic (Area 3, near BMIS). He studied in South Africa and the clinic itself is also very clean and professional. This is where I go.

My friend liked to go to the ABC Clinic, which is also a very clean and I think a clinic with lots of international doctors! ABC Clinic is in area 47.

Maybe other people can recommend other doctors, but from what I heard these are the two clinics women are most fond of.


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