Pregnancy in Dhaka


could you please share advice and tips about pregnancy in Dhaka?

Who are the best gynecologists for pregnancy follow-ups?

Which hospitals or clinics would you recommend to give birth in Dhaka?

Thanks a lot in advance for your advice !


Hi Christine, Congrats on your pregnancy! Two well-known hospitals with good reputations are the Apollo and Untited.. One of my aunts is pregnant right now and planning to give birth at the United Hospital in Gulshan.. If you have any questions just ask :)

Thank you for your help, DM1234! :)

Ya its true Christine. Square and Labaid is also very good Hospital in Dhaka.

I know this entry was last year but I am
hoping you may be able to help! We are weeks away from
our move to Dhaka. I am 11 weeks pregnant and would love to hear about your experiences with antenal and maternity care in Dhaka. My initial thoughts are to have the baby back in nz or Australia but this means
a long stretch away from my husband and the risk he may miss the birth. Would you recommend having it in Dhaka? Many thanks.

Go to Apollo Hospital In Bashundhara.

You can visit Squire Hospital at Panthopath Dhaka

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