Job Finding - Relocation to Spain or UK


I have been attempting to move overseas to either the UK or Spain for several months now. So far, it seems the easiest route is to do a Work Abroad plan. The problem is, these do not pay enough for me to cover the ongoing bills (college loans) I have in the US -- so I need to find a full-time professional position.

This adds a little more difficulty, but I know that it can be done. So, my questions:
- Are there head-hunters/recruiters that can help me relocate?
- Any tips during my own search for jobs?

I have been taking Spanish classes for about three months and should be fairly proficient after several more lessons, so I hope this will help.

I really appreciate any assistance / advice!

- Clay

Hi Clay, what are your qualifications like?  Is Europe your only choice?
What is the remuneration that will meet your criteria?
I am helping to source for people who speak American-standard English to do voice overs here in Singapore.


My experience lies in the Information Technology field. I do not have any qualifications as far as voice-overs are concerned.

Regardless, I appreciate your response.

- Clay

Welcome Clay,

about head-hunters, I think they're only looking for highly qualified/experienced profiles ...

I think the very first step is to get a visa, isn't it? Did you find information about how to get a visa to Europe?

London could be a good destination. Lots of jobs there ... easier to find than in Spain (I lived in both countries). You'll be interested in this post: find a job in england

there are also topics about spain ... you should use the search function on the forum ;)


Thank you for such an informative email. I am quite experienced in the IT field, with 3 years of development and project management. Are the head-hunters looking for executive level positions?

The problem that I have is that I need to acquire a job before I can move - so it does restrict me to a certain degree.

I will take your advice and search throughout the forums for more information. I really appreciate the help.

- Clay

You're very welcome Clay, and I am sure you've got all your chances to find a good job.

About London it's quite easy to find a job once you're there (it took me 3 weeks to find my first IT job and 2 weeks to find the second one), but it's not very easy if you're not there.

that website helped me a lot:

In Spain most of the companies require a good level of spanish, so it can be harder / longer to find (I worked in Spain, but as a self employed - my customers were in the UK). You should have a look to big companies' websites and ... try

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