Investment in the Philippines

Do any expats here invest in the Philippines (i.e real estate, philippine stock exchange)?

If you do, where can I get reliable and informative information? Are they any good books around? Groups? Forums?

Appreciate any help.


How much money you have is all that counts.

There is still a lot of real estate opportunity in the Philippines and likely to be for the next decade. The OFWs are artificially inflating the market buying for retirement.

The stock market isnt something I would venture near personally and if you havent come from that background better to either learn it or leave it.

I am an investor and live in the Philippines. Do Not consider the market here.  Find 3 or 4 U.S. stocks and trade them. You can start with 100k and live off of the investment interest. I know,  I do it.  Best of luck.

I invest through 3 brokers in the US. I pick my own stocks and info are all obtained via internet. Try reading Seeking Alpha,, Yahoo finance, Investopedia, Barron´s,
Investor´s Business Daily or The Economist. You can also subscribe on Forbes on-line if you wish. If you´re an investor you have to inform yourself on global socio-economic and geopolitical issues. Zack´ analyzes and recommends stocks and you can build your own portfolio and track growth of each stock you own.   They do analyze foreign stocks including ETFs.

If you like real estate growth in the Philippines you should invest in REITs which should free you from direct management. Or you can invest in an ETF of worldwide REITs with


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