Where to Buy baby food

I am new to this country. I am unable to find much variety of baby food. Can anyone guide me from can I buy foods like Gerber baby food, heinz barley and oatmeal cereal.
I have already visited Panda, carrfour, lulu and few pharmacies and only found very limited baby food options

Cant say I have ever looked on the baby food isle other than for Farley's Rusks ( they are the bestest ) but danube I find has quite a large selection oof other foods, maybe try there, although they are a litte more expensive

and what about Tamimi?  They're a branch of the western chain Safeway.

Tamimi and danube have even the organic baby food. Check them out!

Hi there,
You have to go to all thr places and keep on trying as some weeks they have and some no, i get desperate to buy baby milk sometimes need to go 5 fármacos, but try The Halib fármaco at The habib hospital on king fahd road just after al anoud novotel and before The kingdom and the baby r us next to toys infront of Sahara mall on king Abdallah
Good luck
I full up my luggage from Spain and France when i travel to europe as its long lasting

Hey ladies! Has anyone here tried making their own baby foods?

We all do our baby food home made  at least i do but  if you travel or are Out all day you need The ones long lasting with The heat in this country and if you go away for The week end you dont want to start taking blender and tupperware, i have 3 kids for The 2 big ones (6 and 4) i was mixing fruits in The hotel room and boiles vegetable and blended but for The last onewho is 10 months i do it every morning but if i travel not anymore i take The ones made with me as you can give it any place and dont get bad, this is why we also need to buy cause you can not always do it yourself, if you go 3 days to The desert you are not going to spend your time doing baby food

@Maltisent Sorry. My bad. :( I didn't mean anything by it. My mom and I prepare the food by bulk ahead of time and use sterilized glass containers for them and put them on an ice cooler when we travel. I'm really sorry. I was just trying to be helpful. :unsure:

We used to buy baby food from Tamimi.

I have also searched at many of the grocery stores and I couldnt find a lot of vegetable baby foods and no gerber.  I found a lot of fruits and juice.  I had to make my own vegetables for my LO.

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