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Hi All ,

I've been renting a car for 3 months since my work visa is not yet issued.Anyway the thing is that i decided to buy a car on my dad's iqama and he will do a letter of attorney for me. i have an Internationale driving license ?
he asked if this is doable and he has been told YES.

on the other hand do you guys recommend any specific car. I'm not planning to pay a big amount on a car and i will definitely buy a brand new car.

Which one is better in term of Power(for AC)and security : Hyundai ? kia ? toyota ? .....

will appreciate your feedbacks on the two above ideas


Toyota is the most reliable and the best bet !! After that any Japanese car would do....

Good Luck......

Yes, Toyota is good in ACs also. It chills even at 50C outside temperature.

thanks guys !
what is the price for a corolla for ex ?

G D F wrote:

thanks guys !
what is the price for a corolla for ex ?

Will purely depend on the condition of the car !!

Another plus point of Toyota is when you re-sell it, the value will not drop like many American cars.

And price will vary considerably.

I would recommend a Toyota Elantra, the down payment is not so much - 6000 or so and then you can pay monthly around 1000 Riyaals.

@TH.. u mean the hyundai elantra.. :D

and then @GDF: you should check into the international license thing. From what I have heard. you can drive for around 1 year or so, but after that you will have to get the saudi License.

and yeah toyotas are good, hondas are pretty decent as well.

Yep Hyundai Elantra :dumbom:

thank you guys !

How is Toyota Fortuner rated ? its price is reasonable.

try Renault
i guess they have promotion with free maintenance for 3 years or more.. dont remember exactly.

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