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I am considering a position offer for Cambodia but I would like to inquiry more about living standards, accommodation etc. The company will give me a flat allowance - in this regard, what are relatively the prices for an apartment in a safe area, furnished (incl. washing machine etc.) and utilities per month? The flat can be with one bedroom, living-room and kitchen. We do not have children so we are not looking for something extravagant. Furthermore, can anyone please comment on the cost of living in general, i.e. would a salary around 2 300 - 3 000 USD a month secure a comfortable living. I would be really grateful to anyone who gives some feedback and I am looking forward to your prompt replies as I need to make-up my mind soon :)

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Hi Polina,

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hi Polina ,

with incomes from usd 2300-3000 , surly you will have a very comfort living ! i spend about USD 1000 PER MONTHS included food , gasoline , tel , restaurant ,utilities ...


hi, it depends on what  ur lifestyle is ,, but yeah ..u cannot possibly spend more than 1000.. 500 even is more than enough ..

take it hun take it ! :)) its an awesome offer

thank you for the input. can you please comment on good areas to live in in the capital. and also, what is the average cost of electricity, water per month?

uhm . i live near the russian Market  near the BTK N its nice N peaceful , BBK1 too is pretty cool jst a little more expensive .. its a small town .. in few days u get a good image of wats  going on .. here where i live at it costs me 10 $ the tv 10 $ the garbige N 10 $ the water . the electricity , it depends on how much u use the Ac .. im personally am very comfortable without Ac .. its  pretty chilli at night N if ure lucky to live in a good area u can keep your doors open during the day  N the apartments stays cool N fresh .. thats what i do ..

the living expenses vary obviously according to your life style ..but ure ok with 100 $ per month too ..

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