Wall Art for home decor

Hi there,

Would appreciate if someone can guide me to a nice shop where i can buy wall art for my apartment.

I have visited IKEA but am not really impressed with what they had to offer.

Thank you.

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What exactly do you mean by wall art @jazi?

If your are looking for paintings, there are several home furniture showrooms who exhibit classical & modern paintings.

Paintings and wall art using mirrors etc..

Have any in mind?

How many out of below have you checked with?

1- ID Design
2- Dimos
4- Home Center
5- City W

If you're looking of classic Arabic stuff, the list will be different.

I'm not looking for classic Arabic.

I have checked out Midas and Home Center but haven't come across any worthwhile paintings or did I miss something? Can you please let me know the locations of the other 3?

Appreciate the suggestions.

Then... Well, I got an idea what you are looking for :lol:

It's not easy to get real good things wall art in Riyadh.

Dimos is in various places. One large showroom between exit 13 and 14 on Kharj Road on right hand side.

CityW is right on exit 12 on Kharj road.

IS Design is on Abdullah road close to King Saud University.

Do let us know if more info required.

Thanks for the info. Will check out ID Design first as its nearby my home and the others on the weekend.

Hopefully will find something nice.

Try Saco world, a while ago we got some beautiful stuff,  and it was reasonnably priced too. They always have a section for art decor I blv!

hello jazi,
i don t know if this would be what you r looking for but i recently got some vinyl wall decals for my bedroom and the one of my son...i wanted something different that would work around the existing furniture...i got them from this great site:
trendy wall designs. i hope you find something you ll like
good luck with the decorating

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i dont like China Mart, but to my little surprise i saw some good and cheap outlets for home decoration,
you can check out there

Hi everyone :) :) In my opinion,when you decorate your house, Choose neutral colors for your walls and furniture. This will make your home look larger and less cluttered. Neutral colors are easy to match with the accessories you use in your house. This will also help you to more easily sell your home when that time comes.
I like the DIY home decors so much ,I think they are so cute and so beautiful, what do you think? The same as the way that I thought?

If you are looking for something unique, I would suggest you to to try gymnast wall decor items. The reason I am saying this because I really liked the idea of decorating with these amazing Gymnast art as mostly we see people decorating their homes with flowers decor and so which has become very common..

And the best part is that it can be used on almost any flat surface such as wall, mirror, window, furniture, metal and so on.

I hope you like the idea.

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Hey ...if your interested in arabic calligraphy paintings msg me..i am an artist

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