moving to Italy


I am moving to Italy and want to be legal there. I have 2 questions.

1. Is anyone familiar with the documents, procedures etc. required to get a Permesso di Soggiorno for "Residenza Elettiva"? My income comes from the USA so I was not planning on getting a job in Italy, although that would be even better. The Italian Consulate in America is no help...they give you the standard, discourteous, bureaucratic nonsense.

2. Second question regards receiving our household goods in Italy. We already experienced having to PAY to receive our own clothing..paid to ship it from the USA, THEN ..,customs in Italy demanded payment of 75 euros to receive the box! I am shocked that anyone has to pay for receiving their own personal effects! I can understand if it's commercial and for resale, but to receive your own shirts and ties?

Please, does anyone know a way around this??


Hi horseman2012,

I have introduced your topic as a new thread on the Italy forum as you were off topic on the other discussion.

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