G'day all,
Our names are Thusanee Changlueung & Geoff Arrowsmith. We reside in Patong, Phuket, Thailand & Thirroul, wollongong, Nsw Australia,respectfully.
both Nee & myself are currently engaged & due to marry in 2013.After seeing a news article on Australian TV, by a former Miss Western Australia, appointed as a spokesperson for east timor & Dilli. I became interested in this beautiful country, and all its struggles for freedom & Independance.
In the very near future, after marrying, both Thusanee & I, would love to investigate the possibilities of living & starting a business in Timor Leste.
A little background about us.I have extensive Front of House Hospitality Management experience,some thirty years of Customer Service. along with Clothing Industry Wholesale experience. Also I am an Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver, accredited by P.A.D.I.This and a burgeoning passion for Underwater Photography, are my favourite pastimes. Thusanee has some 20 years experience in Thai Cuisine, Clothing Manufacture, and Customer service in Front of house service.
Our dreams would be to escape the ever increasing "unruly" tourists, that frequent Thusanee's Kingdom. and as I have travelled extensively around my own Country, using my Hospitality skills, I find an ever increasing unappreciation for my valuble knowledge of Customer Service. From the East Coast of OZ, from the East Gippsland, in the south east of Victoria, to Mareeba in the North of Queensland. To Perth on the West Coast of OZ, to Broome in the gateway to the Kimberlies. As well as Hospitality,I took work in rural districts from Vegetable Picking, Grapes, Tobacco, Dairy Farms & Small Crop Farming. ( I.E. Cherry Tomato's, Zuchinni, & Button Squash, where I played a Leading Hand role, involved in the Process from planting to Harvest).
Thusanee is from a Agriculture background in her home Village of Yasothon in the North East of Thailand. Where she still maintains a family owned Rubber plantation.Not excluding Thusanee's Agriculture background, Nee has extensive experience in Authentic Thai Cuisine, after having her own take away Food business in Patong. As well Nee has a reasonable grip on the English language, and is a very good communicator.
it is with these combined skills that we would like to bring to Timor Leste. Our priority at present is for Thusanee to visit australia on a 90 day Tourist Visa, before the end of this month. With the intention to meet and familiarise herself with my large extended family, of 5 generations !
Our excitement of an opportunity to grow together as a married couple , in conjunction with the steady growth of Timor Leste,would be a dream that both Nee & i hold dearly.
So,with much faith we wait and dream of one day in the not too distant future of joining the excitement & hopes of Timor Leste as it emerges from the mighty struggles & sacrifices this tiny Nation has endured, to see it come to fruition.

With the warmest regards,
until we meet,
yours in faith,

Thusanee Chanleung
Geoff Arrowsmith

Thusanee & Geoff Arrowsmith
are currently living in our respective Kingdom of Thailand, and I staying in Thailand frequently but still residing in my Island Nation of australia. both wishing in the not too distant future of living & working together with the Native people of your Nation Timor Leste.

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