Any Events in Riyadh

Is there any upcoming events in march in Riyadh?

Please let me know.

There is a Riyadh 2012 post on the stickies although very few events get posted on there, you are best going out to find things and contacts in person. A lot of the compounds will have posters and flyers for various events but of course you need someone to get you into the compounds to look in the first place

Hi, I remember seeing a poster for a huge Book fair today. Can't remember exactly where though. I'll drive past again if you're interested, and let you know of the details.

Yes - there is the Riyadh Book Fair beginning today, Mar 6 - 16 at the Riyadh Exhibition Center.  No clue where that is but I am sure it will be easy (?) to find.

Here is a link to the location of the Riyadh Book Fair: … onMap.aspx

It is in King Abdullah road heading from west to east, less than a kilometer before rwaching the eastern ring road, on the right, at the International Exhibition Center.

Hope that would help


thank you

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