Regarding salary and benefits

Hi, I got an opportunity to work in Saudi , the role is "Sales Supervisor " for Binzagr group

employer is paying 4100 Riyals as basic + 1115 riyals as HRA free medical and transportation and also they are assuring me for average incentive of 2000 riyals per  month.

I am Indian MBA and having around 5 years of experience and in india my current package is 6 lapersons ncluding my wife and 3 year old kid

i am very keen to shift saudi but please advice whether package offer is good or not if it is not what should be the correct one according to my qualification and experience. my interview is on 7nth so kindly advice soon so according to that i could negotiate.

Hi Aqil.imam,

I feel the package is low considering that you will bring your family here.

The following list of things might help you to negotiate better with the client-

1. You must understand that a good family house out side compound  will cost you a minimum of 18k 0r 20k.( it always depends on how you want your house to be)
2.Is the company giving you a car or is it just the travel allowance? I think if you are in sales, car is a must.
3.One can never be sure of the incentives here.(personal experience)
4.Is there Medical insurance for the family?
5. And also the air tickets per year, most companies provide 2 tickets.

I hope the above information helps.

Good luck!

Dear ameen,

Thanks for your quick reply but please advice that what should be the standard salary package of Binzagr group for the post of sales supervisor so that according to that i could negotiate.

I am not sure of the packages for this group. It varies from company to company.

So many people post this very same question. It is very easy to look at it yourself and decide if it is a good package or not, everyone is working for money not out of the good of their heart so lets assume that you want the most $'s in your pocket at the end of the year.
Where do you live currently and what are your outgoings for you and your family? Include everything, car, accommodation, food, gas, electric, tax etc.
Most people will already know their current salary and generally it will be in the same field your new job will be so what is in your pocket after you have deducted all of your current outgoings.

Benifits - house? car? Living allowance? etc. All of this is a huge saving if the company pays for it. Then what is the offered pay? Convert it to your currncy and how does it look compared to the salary you are currently on.

Yes, your quality of life and other factors will come into it but if you work all this out and you come out with less money then you started with or only 100 bucks more I think you could assume it's not a great move for the banking side of things. Jobs here do not have a base line for salaries as such, it all depends on your package offered, nationality, usefulness, experience. You cant say well everyone else gets 5000sar so your salary is low or visa versa because that is not really how it works. In any country really Look at a general managers job in the UK online the salaries range from 18k a year to 80k+

Does the salary seem good to you? There is your answer

Rant over  :whistle:

Ameen369 wrote:

3.One can never be sure of the incentives here.(personal experience)

Well said bro. What incentives; based on what? If you claim and remind about verbal promises, they prove to you how meagre the financials have been. Without things in black o white (contract), payments really remain up in the air.

@Louise.Welge is absolutley right. There is nothing called a 'standard salary'. If your calculations look good, go for it.

:) it just depends how you manage your finances.

Its true this is a land plenty but still one need to be do the maths right :)

Hi Brother,

hope things are good with you. i want to know what package they are now offering to sales supervisor category ( grade 8 ) in binzagr? appreciate your response

Hi Shamindra

Welcome on board.

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