Adopting a child in VietNam

anybody knows how and where to start? anybody been through this process here? what are the requirements? what agencies do we need to visit? … plyId=1084

The best way is probably contacting one of the law firms specializing in adoption or adoption agency (see list)

BEFORE falling in love with your new junior contact the embassy/consulate of the country you will be taking the adoptee too.

Adopting is a two-part function: legally acquiring the child AND legally immigrating with the child.

VietNam has stiffened up the rules, following the illegal sales  of babies who thought they were being fostered.

Your embassy will know the procedures BUT more importantly whether VN has a current agreement in place.

For example, Canada is an approved country. However Canada requires that prospective adoptive parents be approved through a provincial adoption agency.

No adoption approval, no immigration approval.

There is a foreign electronics tech I know, married and with three children legally adopted in the childrens country of birth.

They were refused permits to return to the parents country. They have now spent 9 years working in SE Asia whilst battling their government.

So, please, avoid heartbreak and check-out things carefully.

hi there Jaitch:

as you just posted, my first stop will be with the Embassy. Thankfully I haven't been to any agency or orphanage, I know I won't be able to walk away once I've met the one. So for know it's not an option. I have read a lot about VietNam laws and agreements regarding adoptions, specially to US citizens, and that might be the hardest part to deal with, it's so complicated! We'll see how it goes, we don't have our minds set into something already, for now we're mostly exploring our options. And since we're here we thought it might be an option as well....

Cambodias no better, they just locked up a 'madam' who was selling babies from there and VN. If it involves money go dead slow.

Good luck.

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