Moving to Cairo - need work

Hi can anybody help please,

I will be moving to Cairo in late 2013 and really need to find work.

I have 36 years experience as a Laboratory Manager in a waste disposal company where I am working at present.

I am not specifically looking for a Management Position or Lab work I would appreciate any work.

I would maybe like to teach English or work in some job where my english would be useful. I am also in the process of learing Egyptian husband is Egyptian.

If anyone can help me or give me tips on finding work I would be very grateful.

Thank you

Hi mydream!

I invite you to post an advert in the Jobs section of Cairo classifieds, it may help.;)


thank you for your advice I have posted an ad. :)

Hello my dream, how are you, well, check this link please:

Check this one too, … amp;type=3
Also my friend is working as an English teacher in international school, i can let her send ur cv there, and also u can work here at the British council in egypt, as I think u will be able to find alot of teaching jobs here in Egypt

Good Luck

Thank you Semsema

Would you please send me details of the British Council as I would be very interested in that type of work?

I did try the 2 links you sent me but none appear to work.

Can you give me an e mail address where i can send my CV?

Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog and for replying so helpfully.

It means that you re going to move Cairo at the final of 2013? 
Don t you think it s too early to search for a job since now? Nobody employs staff in advance with 20 months. Wait at least until the beginning of 2013.

Hello My dream, yeah, here is the e-mail address, it is teacherapplications[at],also it is necessary to attach their application form with your cv or they will ignore your email,and you will find the application form on this link...> … ancies.htm
You will find it under procedures section, just press on the application form and fill the information there

Concerning the facebook link,when you will open it, you will find alot of pictures with the detailed job description for the vacancy, I can add you to this group if u want but just inbox me with your facebook account.

Also you shouldn't worry, as you are native english speaker and British, so you will be able to find job easily here In Egypt,as I have friends who are working in international schools here and they are native speakers, I can send them your cv if u want:)

P.S:Am happy that you will come to Egypt soon, hope you will like the country and don't hesitate to contact me any time if you need any help

Good Luck

Assalam Alaikum Semsema thank you for your reply.

I would like to send you my cv if you could send me an e mail address to send it to.

Thank you again for your help.

Hi Valibilic thank you for your reply but I am not applying for a job yet I am just looking to see what work would possibly be available to me so that I have something to work towards when I reach Egypt.

At least then I will have some idea of what work I can apply for, but thank you for replying to me anyway.

My dream, check ur inbox :)

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