Hey All, new to Riyadh

Hello Everyone,
Just transfered from Abha to Riyadh.  I am a surgical US podiatrist now working in the Prince Salman Diabetic Center.  I am looking to stay long term.  I am single and love to socialize.
Perhaps someone can recommend an excellent international or USA compound in which to live.  I am also looking for social activities involving both men and/or women.

Thanks for having me!


Joe Q   aka docq1001

YAH!!!  Finally a podiatrist in Riyadh!  I have always thought it to be ludicrous that despite the rampant diabetes, there are no podiatrists here!

The best compounds seem to be Al Hamra, Eid and Kingdom (all with waiting lists).

Best of luck, Doc! ;)

Hey Alliecat,

Thanks for the info!  Also I appreciate the serious support for podiatry in the Kingdom!  I totally agree.

Please let me know if their are any social events that I may attend.

cya later

Joe Q

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