Silver ornament Shop

Hi every one

Hope all are doing good in Riyadh.

Wanted to know about places where they sell Silver stuff for men like rings, bracelets etc.

Would be glad to have detailed info.


have a nice week ahead.

No replies for the topic..:(

There's a lot of jewelers in Deera.  I can't tell you a specific shop--just browse around and compare prices :)

Thanks Alliecat, but where is Deera?;)

If I am not wrong, is it somewhere near Batha, the crowded area?

Yes! The landmark that I'm familiar with is the old fort, Al Masmak!  Just wander around the winding alleys.

Almost 10 months in Riyadh, but I still wander around to find few locations.:P
Will try my luck with it.

Are there no shops at Olaya or the likes?

I'm sure there are but all the women I know get their gold and silver in Deera.

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