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hi guys
I am from India and would like to have some guidance from you. I have secured a job In one of the best hotels in Riyadh and have also submitted my passport for stamping
But now i have also received a job offer from Canada which i am more interested in . So I would like you guys to help me tell that how should I Get my Saudi visa cancelled so that i can apply for Canada Visa
Looking forward to your reply

guys pls help i am so confused

You expected answers within 35 minutes??  :blink:

Alliecat wrote:

You expected answers within 35 minutes??  :blink:

Ya because we are the best :cool:

Correct me if I am wrong but i think you still in India so I don't know how long the passport stamping process is in India but if it's less than few days maybe you should just let it running and not go to KSA after that !

(For information : the visa stamping in my home country take just one day)

Good luck for your Canada expatriation ;)

thanks dude for your reply

Yes i am still in India and i will be getting my passport back by coming Tuesday with the visa according to you it wont make a difference if I apply for Canadian visa.I mean wont they raise a point that why have you not gone on the work permit when u r supposed to go having a valid visa.

Good point, I really don't know :rolleyes: but you should ask them directly (Canadian embassy i mean)and bring with you the both job offers, if the KSA one is before the canadian it's should work i think and at less it's mean that you prefer their country :p 
Your Canadian employer could help you also i think just be honest.
Good luck.

thanks dude u been a grt help
even i have asked this question to other people as well and some of them said on your passport right now what will be stamped is the number of days in which u have to travel to KSA. And if you don't travel it doesn't matter the visa will get cancelled on its own. Lets see what happens anyways you were a grt help and i appreciate it

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