Looking for Accomodation in baku for eurovision

Hi ,

I am looking for accodamation for eurovision for me and my daughter. I am from dublin ireland and i speak some turkish so if anyone could help me that would be great ..


Hello Louise and welcome to Expat.com!

I invite you to post an advert in the accommodation section of Baku classifieds, it may help.;)


--you can rent a room if you don't want to stay in expensive hotels. Avoid getting one in old city as they will just rip you off.  try getting info from this-bakurealestate.net/ and CPS baku...

Hi Louise

According to this site, you're a guy...I never met a guy called Louise before...  :-/

How long will you be here for?

I'm one of the guys building the stadium that will host Eurovision so my apartment should be vacated by then......we hope.....


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hi i can help you i live in baku i have several apartmets for quests ,if you need info write me

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Hello dear expat community! There is only about a month left to the greatest event in the history of modern Baku and we are all excited and happy! Azerbaijan is a very amazing country with a very interesting history and friendly people that have been famous for their hospitality.
  I can also help to get a rental vehicle, although most of the Europeans find driving in Azerbaijan very challenging and even dangerous – but if you are ready to take it just be prepared to something like Southern Italy that may even seem 10 times worse…))))

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Best regards, Eldar

I also can help you :)Louise ) you arrived in baku?

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